The Golden Bunny Massacre

While waiting at the check out at my local Asda store a couple of days ago I was quietly observing a huge pile of those beribboned golden bunnies that had been stacked at post Easter half price by each check out. On top of the neatly stacked boxes was a huge pile of broken, scratched,  dismembered  and disrobed bunnies looking every bit as if they were that swept up remains of a trolley accident.

I’m not an Asda fan myself, though it is my nearest big supermarket, and I found myself being quite critical of the management that they would leave this heap of broken debris where everyone could see it. In front of me at the checkout was a father with his two small children, a girl of about four and a boy of about two. He was valiantly struggling with two trolleys loaded with shopping and the children were being as helpful as a four year old and a two year old can be -until they spotted a pile of gold! Suddenly I was barrelled out the way as they grabbed  bunnies from the boxes without any regard for the structural integrity of the pile which began to list somewhat. Me being an interfering old boot immediately started to rearrange the rabbits so that they would not all come tumbling down whilst behind me the poor father had his work cut out. In the end we had a production line going with two small children dashing to the bunny pile, going back to their dad who then took the rabbits from them, handed them to me and I replaced them. Somewhere along the line I ended up with a few in my shopping pile which I also returned and it was then I realised where this huge pile of debris came from. Every rabbit in this pile told the story of a frustrated parent desperately trying to make no mean no when the Asda (or any other supermarket that stacks sweets by the checkout)  management were undermining them.

In the end the little girl got the point and after lots of praise she began returning rabbits as fast as her brother could liberate them from the boxes but in the end there were just too many things to do and while dad was paying his son managed to break open and consume a little bit of chocolate heaven, not helped by the man on the till  who was actively encouraging him.

So hard luck Asda,  they must have lost a lot of stock,  but well done to all the parents who managed to pry a golden bunny from a sticky fist and put it back in the pile!


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