All Change!

Finally a new post! It has taken me a very long time to settle myself in front of the computer and update my blog and I have no excuses whatsoever. I have a list of topics waiting to be written about, an excellent list of questions posed by parents I would like to be able to answer and several exciting pieces of work on the go that would provide interesting posts but instead of all of that I shall do what I always do and consider the process.

The last six months have been chaotic in some respects as just about every area of my life has been turned upside down. The end of a long-term relationship I thought was going to last forever, the end of the job that I had been doing for many years and the end of a contract with an employer I had worked for for 18 years. I also developed some symptoms of middle age I wasn’t too pleased about either but I’ll gloss over those for both our sakes.  as usual when I am faced with change I go through a range of emotions from elation at being freed from all commitment and fear at the uncertainty lurking round every corner.

Being me, I turned my experience into a workshop  which I called ‘ Change, Uncertainty and New Beginnings’  because there are many, many people like me facing enormous changes right now, in fact just about everyone who works for a local authority is experiencing some degree of change and most of it against their will. The more I began to explore issues around change the more I began to realise that it is a complex subject with relevance to everyone at every stage of life. Change is always difficult but sometimes it comes with a big dollop of feelgood chemicals to get us through.  new partners, new parents,  new jobs are all appallingly stressful  but if they come with joy and excitement (and not all of the above do of course-at least all the time) they are manageable and even for some a little addictive.  When the  brain chemistry is absent change is something we resist, avoid and even fear.

So I’m getting through it chemical free (is chocolate a chemical ?)  and there are good days and bad days. On Friday my new business partner and I signed on the dotted line for our new bank account and we got our first client. The feelgood chemicals have lasted through to today so I have updated my blog at last and even changed the look of it to make it much more colourful, cheerful and bright.

when I consider what I feel we should be teaching children about change all I can offer are the words of the serenity prayer-please interpret ‘God’ any way you choose.  I have included the original quote rather than the more frequently used AA version. Sometimes things are so familiar we forget to notice the message.

“God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed,courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.”
(Written in 1934 by Reinhold Niebuhr, 1892-1971, US theologian, writer and teacher.)

Now where did I put that list of topics?


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